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AS/A-Level English Literature: Jane Eyre Resource Pack (Plus CD)

By | Copyright Year:2008 | ISBN-13: 9780340965627

Extensively researched, photocopiable material that can be used as the basis of delivering lessons, for student research and preparation, for follow-up homework, or as cover work in the case of teacher absence. Includes a free CD with the text of the pack and additional resources.


1 Charlotte Brontë: biographical details
2 Chronology
3 Historical, political and social overview
4 Industrial Revolution
5 The position of women in Victorian society
6 Religious context
7 Critical history
8 Literary contexts: fictional autobiography
9 Literary contexts: Romanticism
10 Literary contexts: The Pilgrim’s Progress
11 Literary contexts: Gothic fiction
12 Literary contexts: satire
1 Planning your autobiography
2 Chapter I: Introduction
3 Chapter II: The red-room
4 Chapter XIX: Narrative technique
5 Chapter XXIII: Reading between the lines
6 Chapter XXVII: The women in Mr Rochester’s life
7 Chapter XXXIV: Critical responses
8 Chapter XXXVIII: Different interpretations
9 Exploring place names
10 Character names
11 The two Mrs Rochesters
12 Edward Rochester and St John Rivers
13 Ideas of Romantic writers: The creative impulse
14 Ideas of Romantic writers: The importance of nature
15 Timeline
16 Imagery
17 Symbolism
18 Themes
19 Useful quotations
Assessment focus
1 Specifications and objectives
2 Essay questions
3 Sample essay planning
1 Chapter summaries and notes
2 Literary terms and concepts
3 Poems by Charlotte Brontë
4 Mina Laury: prototype for Jane Eyre
5 Further study
6 ‘The fable of the poor orphan child’ by Robert Frost, November 1999.
7 ‘Jane Eyre in the red-room’ by Madeleine Wood, February 2006.
8 ‘Troubles with men’ by Cicely Palser Havely, November 2006.


Anne Crow is an examiner at both AS and A2. She has had more than 30 years’ experience in teaching A-level English, 25 of them at Havant College in Hampshire. She is also the author of Philip Allan Resource Packs and Student Text Guides on Jane Eyre and Doctor Faustus.


Photocopiable resources to save the busy literature teacher hours of preparation time

Provide an invaluable source of thoroughly researched material

Create opportunties for a more student-centered learning approach

Improve and enhance student knowledge and appreciation of set texts

Provide a solution to specialist staff absence