Phillip Allan Literature Guide For GCSE Level: Macbeth

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9781444121438

Philip Allan Literature Guides provide exam-focused analysis of popular set texts to give junior and senior students the very best chance of achieving the highest grades possible.

Designed to be used throughout the course or as revision before the exam, this full colour text provides:
thorough commentary outlining the plot and structure and exploring the themes, style, characters and context of the text
exemplar A*- and C-grade answers to exam-style questions, with examiner’s comments, exam and essay-writing advice
assessment objectives for each exam board, highlighting the specific skills that students need to develop
’Grade booster’ boxes with tips on how to move between grades
’Pause for thought’ boxes to make students consider their own opinions on the text
Key quotations memorise and use in the exams


Shelagh Hubbard has been an English teacher for over 30 years and head of English in three schools and a sixth form college. She has worked as an advisory teacher and trained English teachers. She has been writing GCSE revision books since 1989.


Develop a deeper understanding of context, themes and style

Understand how to boost your grade

Improve exam preparation and technique

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