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A+ National Pre-apprenticeship Maths and Literacy for Hairdressing

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9780170190732

The range of A+ National Pre-apprenticeship Maths and Literacy write-in workbook resources help to prepare students seeking to gain a variety of apprenticeships, traineeships and accreditations. They combine practical, real-world scenarios and terminology specifically relevant to their chosen industry, and provide students with the mathematical and literacy skills they need to confidently pursue a career within that trade.

Mirroring the format of current apprenticeship entry assessments, Pre-apprenticeship Maths and Literacy for Hairdressing includes hundreds of questions to improve students’ potential of gaining a successful assessment outcome of 75–80% and above. This workbook will therefore help to increase students’ eligibility to obtain a Hairdressing Apprenticeship.

Pre-apprenticeship Maths and Literacy for Hairdressing further supports and consolidates concepts that students studying VET (Vocational Educational Training) may use, as a number of VCE VET programs are also approved pre-apprenticeships and pre-accreditations. This workbook is also a valuable resource for older students aiming to revisit basic literacy and maths in their preparation to re-enter the workforce at the vocational level.

*The cover shown includes updated branding and may be different to the book available for purchase.


Unit 1: Spelling
Unit 2: Alphabetising
Unit 3: Comprehension

Unit 4 – General Mathematics

Unit 5 – Basic Operations
Section A: Addition
Section B: Subtraction
Section C: Multiplication
Section D: Division

Unit 6 – Decimals
Section A: Addition
Section B: Subtraction
Section C: Multiplication
Section D: Division

Unit 7 – Fractions
Section A: Addition
Section B: Subtraction
Section C: Multiplication
Section D: Division

Unit 8 – Percentages

Unit 9 – Measurement

Unit 10 – Conversions

Unit 11 – Earning Wages

Unit 12 – Squaring Numbers

Section A: Introducing square numbers

Section B: Applying square numbers to the trade

Unit 13 – Vouchers

Unit 14 – Deals


Andrew Spencer has studied education both within Australia and overseas. He has a Bachelor of Education, as well as a Masters of Science in which he specialised in teacher education. Andrew has extensive experience in teaching secondary mathematics throughout New South Wales and South Australia for well over fifteen years. He has taught a range of subject areas including Maths, English, Science, Classics, Physical Education and Technical Studies. His sense of the importance of practical mathematics continued to develop with the range of subject areas he taught in.


Graduated difficulty – the workbook is divided into units that gradually increase in length, content and difficulty. Use them throughout the course, not just before the actual assessment

No teacher preparation is required – students can write directly into the workbook, and can then later use them for revision

Real-life scenarios and terminology used – helps motivate students and makes the content specifically relevant to the students’ chosen trade

Comprehensive practice questions – includes hundreds of questions

Bonus practice detachable test included – produced on perforated paper, they allow for easy tear out

Calculator-free – these workbooks have been designed to mirror current apprenticeship entry assessments and encourage students to attempt all questions without using a calculator

Great value – designed and priced to be used by each individual student

CD content includes animated worked examples to promote self-paced

Bonus step-by-step instructions and activities on how to use Google’s 3D SketchUp drawing and modelling software. This software is free for all schools, and has many practical, real-life applications for pre-apprenticeship students.