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Access To History: Civil Rights In The USA 1945-68

By | Copyright Year:2008 | ISBN-13: 9780340965832

Civil rights in the USA 1945–68 has been written specifically to support the Edexcel and AQA AS Units for the 2008 specifications. It draws on respected and best-selling content from 'Race Relations in the USA 1860–1981' and adapts this content in order to cover the requirements of the shorter units. Tracing the development of African–American civil rights in the USA this title ranges from segregation in the 1950s to the growth of radicalism in the sixties.

Throughout the book, key dates, terms and issues are highlighted, and historical interpretations of key debates are outlined. Summary diagrams are included to consolidate knowledge and understanding of the period, and exam-style questions and tips written by examiners for each examination board provide the opportunity to develop exam skills.


Chapter 1 - Introduction: American Ethnic Minorities Prior to 1945
America's Racial Groups
Underlying Reasons for Racial Tensions
Escalating Tensions c1600-c1860
Suggested Solutions to the Black Problem in the Early Nineteenth Century
The Civil War
The Post-war South: Reconstruction (1865-c1877) to Segregation
Factors Leading to Improvements for Blacks 1900-45
Chapter 2 - The Black Situation at the End of the Second World War
The Impact of the War on Non-Whites
Blacks Outside the South in Late 1945
Southern Blacks in late 1945
Key Debates
Chapter 3 - The Start of the Civil Rights Movement 1945-60
President Truman's Early Life and Career
How Much Did Truman Help Blacks?
Conclusions about Progress under Truman
The Role of Eisenhower (1953-61)
BROWN (1954)
Emmet Till and Autherine Lucy
Signs of Change by 1955
The Montgomery Bus Boycott (1956)
Little Rock (1957)
Eisenhower's Civil Rights Acts (1957 and 1960)
The Cold War and Decolonisation
The Eisenhower Years - Conclusions
Key Debate
Study Guide
Chapter 4 - The 1960's - I: King of the Civil Rights Movement?
Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King - Saint or Sinner?
The Leadership of the Civil Rights Movement
King and the Leadership of the Civil Rights Movement - Conclusions
Key Debates
Study Guide
Chapter 5 - The 1960's - II: Black Power
The Nation of Islam and Malcom X
The Rise of Black Power in the 1960's
Black Power and the Black Panthers
Why did Black Power Decline?
What had the Black Power Movement Achieved?
Key Debates
Study Guide
Chapter 6 - The 1960's III: Kennedy, Johnson and the 'Black Problem'
President Kennedy (1961-3)
Lyndon Johnson Before the Presidency
President Johnson (1963-9)
Key Debate
Study Guide
Chapter 7 - Other Minorities and the 1960's Protest Culture
Native Americans and the Black Civil Rights Movement
The Impact of the Civil Rights Movement on Hispanic Americans
Study Guide
Chapter 8 - Equality in 1968? Conclusions
Black Americans in the South in 1968
Black Americans Outside the South in 1968
Hispanic Americans and Native Americans in 1968
Study Guide


Vivienne Saunders is an experienced A-Level teacher and author, specialising in American History.


Revised edition for the requirements of the 2008 Edexcel and AQA AS specifications.

Study guides written by examiners contain exercises and advice on tackling differentiated exam questions for AS Level.

Contains the latest historical interpretations of themes and issues.

Features include: points to consider, key issues and key dates.

Features such as key definitions and questions to aid learning.

More support with assessment and exam skills.