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Access to History: History and the Historians

By | Copyright Year:1999 | ISBN-13: 9780340679913

History and the Historians provides a lively introduction to the writers of history from Classical times to present day. The author bears in mind the needs of students by offering a framework for evaluating historians' work and providing extracts from their writings. He also discusses the value of history in its widest sense, including such issues as the distortion of history and its use for political ends.


1. The birth of historiography and the historians of the Classical period.
2. Christian historiography
3. From the enlightenment of the eighteenth century to Leopold von Ranke and the Rankean tradition.
4. From Karl Marx to the Annales School
5. Defining history
6. Conclusion: Types of explanation and the value of history


John Warren is Head of History at the Blessed Robert Johnson Catholic College and is an AS/A level examiner.


Contains constructive study guide sections to develop students' skills

An essential text to aid students understanding of historiography