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Bersama-sama lagi Student Book

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780170119184

The original Bersama-sama author team of Sue Clarke and Heather Hardie have been joined by Anna Day and Victoria Taylor to produce Bersama-sama lagi, a contemporary Indonesian language resource quite unlike anything else available.

The Bersama-sama lagi package comprises a Student Book, Workbook, Audio CDs, Teacher Resource Book and a companion website.

• Features listening exercises, fun activities to practise grammar and interactive exercises.
• Interactive whiteboard friendly
• Available FREE on CD-ROM to adopting schools.


1 Selamat datang di Indonesia!

2 Keluarga Giri

3 Di sekolah

4 Ada orbra di koperasinya


6 Ayo ke kota!

7 Saya legih sukake plaza!

8 Tersesat!

9 Jalan-jalan ke Ciater!

10 Nanas ini enak-enak!

11 Mau jins baru!


A truly communicative approach that introduces students to contemporary Indonesian language as it is spoken in Indonesia today

A discrete cultural component using profiles of teenagers to reflect a variety of lifestyles in Indonesia

Chapter openers with learning outcomes

References to workbook, BLMs and website activities

Indonesian-English word lists at end of each chapter

Comprehensive grammar and usage notes at the end of each unit

Allows an inductive as well as a more traditional approach to grammar and vocabulary

More student-centred approach: inclusion of contexts, instructions and well-defined sections

More graded language activities to provide reinforcement and consolidation

11 shorter, more accessible language units

Authentic language actually used in Indonesia today

Cartoon stories set in Indonesia, featuring characters from Indonesia and Australia

Grammar and cultural notes

Clear, colourful lists of key vocabulary and expressions

Tips on learning how to learn a language

Many guided-speaking exercises

Extra reading in a variety of text types

Structured grammatical approach with clear and simple grammar explanations