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Bersama-sama lagi Workbook A

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780170119191

The original Bersama-sama author team of Sue Clarke and Heather Hardie have been joined by Anna Day and Victoria Taylor to produce Bersama-sama lagi, a contemporary Indonesian language resource quite unlike anything else available.

The Bersama-sama lagi package comprises a Student Book, 2 Workbooks, Audio CDs, a Teacher Resource Book and a companion website.

Workbook A consolidates Student Book Units 1 to 6.

Workbook A provides exercises to extend and reinforce the language covered in the Student Book units 1-6. It is a rich resource of practical material containing lots of graded listening, reading and writing tasks and also fun activities and games.


Workbooks A and B provide a wealth of fun puzzles and vocabulary-building activities and listening, reading and writing activities based on the Student Book. Workbook A contains exercises for units 1 to 6 of the Student Book, and Workbook B covers units 7 to 11.

They also include a CD for home study and vocabulary checklists to encourage independent learning.


Victoria has taught Indonesian Yrs 7 - 12 for 11 years and was hief Examiner for VCE Indonesian for 5 years. She is the author of the AYO! Series and other texts at Nelson Cengage Learning. She was previously the Managing Editor for LOTE texts at Cengage Learning and now works part-time as an editor and writer.


activities to consolidate and extend Student Book material

graded activities including guided to more open-ended styles

learning checklists involving peers, teacher and parents

unit-by-unit Indonesian-English vocabulary lists

the Student Audio CD includes vocabulary lists and dialogues so students can practice at home