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Edexcel German For a Level Student Book (Plus CD)

By | Copyright Year:2009 | ISBN-13: 9780340968574

Edexcel German for A Level is a brand new one-volume German course for students following the Edexcel specification at AS and A2.

It is endorsed by Edexcel and written by Senior Examiners and offers comprehensive coverage of the specification topics, in a carefully planned teaching scheme to ensure effective language learning plus effective exam preparation.

It is supported by two Dynamic Learning resources:

- For Teachers the Network Edition DVD-ROM (978 0340 968604) provides all elements of the Student Book for use on the whiteboard or school network plus all required audio files and Teacher's Resource Book. It also adds interactive versions of many of the language activities. The aim is to allow teachers to teach in a truly integrated way launching all the resources they need from a single platform. It also includes a powerful and intuitive 'lesson builder' for teachers to create their own lessons from the resources we have provided combined with their own favourite websites or other learning activities.

- For the Student each copy of the book comes with a CD or a password to access a powerful set of activities and advice for independent learning. This Dynamic Learning Home Edition CD-ROM includes expert advice, and interactive activities, and exam practice for Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Exam and Study Skills as well as a range of weblinks to explore to help students improve their German.


Table of Contents:
EINHEIT 1: Interessen und Sorgen der Jugend (Youth culture and concerns)
- Beziehungen
- Musik und Mode
- Technologie
- Alkohol, Drogen und Sex
- Grammar: The present tense of weak, strong and modal verbs/Separable, inseparable and reflexive verbs/Word order
- Assessment tasks
EINHEIT 2: Lebensstile: Gesundheit und Fitness (Lifestyle: health and fitness)
- Sport und Fitness
- Thema Ernährung
- Fragen der Gesundheit
- Grammar: The perfect tense of weak and strong verbs/The perfect tense: separable, inseparable and reflexice verbs/The indefinite and definite article/The cases: nominative, accusative, dative/The genitive case
EINHEIT 3: Unsere Welt: Reisen und Tourismus (The world around us)
- Reisen
- Touristeninformation
- Verkehr
- Grammar: The furture/Prepositions/Adjectives and adjective endings
- Assessment tasks
EINHEIT 4: Unsere Welt: Umweltfragen (The world around us)
- Das Wetter
- Die Umweltverschmutzung
- Das Recycling
- Grammar: The comparative and superlative/The imperative/The conditional (wenn-clauses)/Interrogatives (question words)
- Assessment tasks
EINHEIT 5: Bildung und Schule (Education and employment)
- Deutsche Schulen
- Nach der Schule
- Universitätsstudium
- Aktuelle Themen im Bildungsbereich
- Grammar: Relative pronouns/The imperfect tense/The pluperfect tense
- Assessment tasks
EINHEIT 6: Die Welt der Arbeit (Education and employment)
- Geld nebenbei
- Heute arbeitet man anders
- Allerlei Arbeiten
- Grammar: The subjunctive (Konjunktiv 2)/Personal pronouns/Impersonal verbs
- Assessment tasks
EINHEIT 7: Sitten, Traditionen, Glauben und Religionen (Customs, traditions, beliefs and religions)
- Ein Bundesland
- Abtreibung
- Gleichberechtigung
- Tierversuche
- Stammzellenforschung, Klonen, In-vitro-Fertilisation
- Grammar: The passive/PAssive with modal verbs/The passive and 'agency': Who did it?/The passive of verbs with direct/indirect objects
- Assessment tasks
EINHEIT 8: Lebensstile, Gesundheit, Bildung und Arbeit (Lifestyle: health and fitness/Education and employment)
- Abhängigkeit und Sucht
- Ess-Störungen
- Zwischen Rauchverboten und Legalisierungsdebatten
- Die Rolle der Frau in Arbeit und Beruf
- Die richtige Lebensbalance
- Grammar: Indirect and reported speech/Forms of the verb in indirect speech/Tenses in reported speech
- Assessment tasks
EINHEIT 9: Nationale und internationale Ereignisse der Vergangenheit (National and international events)
- Der Zweite Weltkrieg
- Das geteilte Deutschland
- Gastarbeiter, Ausländer, Aussiedler
- Die Wiedervereinigung Deutschlands
- Grammar: Word order: revision/The perfect tense: revision
- Assessment tasks
EINHEIT 10: Interessen und Sorgen der Jugend/Unsere Welt (Youth culture and concerns/The world around us)
- Obdachlosigkeit
- Werbung
- Cyber Dating/Einkaufen im Internet/Teleshopping
- Tiere in Gefahr/Regenwald
- Atompolitik in Deutschland
- Grammar: The infinitive/The future perfect/The conditional perfect/pluperfect
- Assessment tasks
EINHEIT 11: Nationale und internationale Ereignisse der Gegenwart (National and international events)
- Entwicklungsländer
- Rassismus
- Gewalt und Terrorismus
- Die Europäische Union
- Interantionale Verhältnisse
- Grammar: The subjunctive: other uses/Participles
- Assessment tasks
EINHEIT 12: Literatur, Kunst und Musik (Literature and the arts)
- Berühmte Persönlichkeiten
- Werke der deutschen Literatur
- Der kulturelle Hintergrund
- Grammar: The historic present/The imperfect tense: revision
- Assessment tasks


Thomas Reimann is a freelance language trainer and consultant working in England and Germany, well known for his contributions to Philip Allan Updates student conferences and teacher courses. He is the author of the AS and A2 German Resource Packs, Abenteuer Leben and Hallo, ich bin's!, published by Philip Allan Updates.

Janet Searle has more than 25 years’ experience as a teacher and examiner in MFL and is now a Chief Examiner for German. She is an experienced writer of educational texts in German and of assessment materials for German at Key Stage 4.


Detailed and comprehensive coverage of the new German specification: suitable for students following all three leading awarding bodies specs, but specifically tailored to support those studying for Edexcel.

Hand-picked author team including the Chief Examiner and Senior Examiner from Edexcel who have been involved in the writing of the new spec, as well a the development of the sample assessment materials.

Dynamic learning element improves and enhances the MFL learning experience in the classroom - and exam success.

Careful and controlled progression of language level and grammar coverage through the course with appropriate transition materials for those students moving on from GCSE and those who continue on to A2.

Upfront and detailed exploitation of exam skills and exam preparation throughout the course to ensure students maximise their grade.

Exposure of exam-style practice assessment tasks in every unit - written by the Senior Examiner who developed the Edexcel spec.