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esplora! Level 2: Workbook with DVD

By | Copyright Year:2008 | ISBN-13: 9780170135542

This ground breaking new series is a collaboration between Prof Joseph Lo Bianco and Nelson and models best-practice intercultural language teaching.

Esplora! 2 Workbook supports the Esplora! 2 Student Book. The text is divided into 16 units and covers two years of study.

A defining feature which sets Esplora! 2 apart from other texts is the integration of ICT elements:
• Esplora! online
• Audio & video podcasts
• Esplora! mobile phone game to teach definite & indefinite articles


A variety of engaging and meaningful activities covering listening, writing, reading and playing
One game provides the password ‘key’ to enter a special extending website activities
Every chapter contains a revision activity
Final checklist of content, meta-cognition, intercultural reflection and a test on the cultural magazine in the Student Book
Wordlists and track lists for the videos at the back
DVD – features 16 video clips linked and based upon the chapters scenarios.


Margherita Ghezzi is a highly experienced teacher of Italian and Languages publisher, who designed and commissioned the first edition of Parliamo italiano insieme level 1. She currently coordinates initial teacher education degrees for a range of online universities. Margherita was also part of the Australian Curriculum: Italian writing team.

Professor Joe Lo Bianco is the Chair of Language and Literacy Education and Associate Dean International at the University of Melbourne. Professor Lo Bianco has collaborated on the instructional design of the Esplora! series. He is widely recognised for both his scholarly and policy work. He works closely with students and teachers of LOTE and regularly presents at LOTE conferences as a key note speaker. Prof Lo Bianco has been elected Fellow of the Australian College of Education in recognition of his outstanding contribution to education. He is also a recipient of the Order of Australia for his service to development to language in Australia & overseas.


Presents a variety of engaging and meaningful activities covering listening, writing, reading

One game provides the key required to enter a special website activity

Every chapter contains a revision activity

Checklist of content, metacognition and intercultural reflection

Solutions, wordlists and video track list are included at the back of the text

Spiral-bound for durability and usability

DVD features 16 video clips showcasing relevant speech acts. Each clip is linked to and based on the chapter scenario.