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Essential English - 9780170185608
80 Pages

Essential English

By | Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780170185608

Essential English is a personal assistant. It lists in an easy-to-use A–Z format the terminology used in the senior English classroom. It is an invaluable personal resource and a ready reference designed to help your students’ memory when texts are being read, analysed, critiqued; when essays and extended answers are being considered, prepared and written.

This is not a teaching textbook, but a reference book; use it in the way that suits your classroom best. There are empty spaces for your students to add any notes or additional terms you would like them to have.
Use Essential English to make your students’ work more precise, detailed and perceptive.


Invaluable personal sourcebook

A–Z format makes it easy to use

Designed to work with what you are learning in the classroom

Set of 16 Revision Reminder flashcards to help with revision of language terms for external assessment

Add extra notes in the spaces provided. Make it personal

Several appendices with extra support information.