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Ganz Klasse! 1 Student Book with 1 Access Code for 26 Months

By | Copyright Year:2019 | ISBN-13: 9780170419505

Ganz Klasse! 1 and 2 is a fresh, new series for beginner students of German in Years 7–10. It includes all the best-loved features of the ever-popular Genau! series and has been written to fully address the requirements of the Australian Curriculum: German with enhanced and streamlined digital content. Features of the series include:
• A stimulating and clean design to visually engage students and assists with their learning
• The retention of the communicative approach, topic progression and language sequencing of the Genau! series, but with greater structure within each of the components
• Numerous opportunities for differentiated learning, language practice and language use
• Clear alignment to the Australian Curriculum: German with a strong emphasis on intercultural learning and modern German culture.

NelsonNet resources available*:
Teacher resources:
• Chapter PDFs
• Curriculum support: curriculum grids and teaching plans
• Worksheets and solutions
• Workbook with overprinted solutions
• Audio transcripts
• Unit tests and solutions
Student resources:
• Audio tracks from the Student Book
• Audio tracks from the Workbook#
• Animated cartoon stories
• Grammar and vocabulary quizzes
• Worksheets
• Grammar videos
• Play and Say vocabulary

*Complimentary access to NelsonNet is available to teachers who use the accompanying student book as a core resource in their classroom. Contact your local education consultant for access codes and conditions
# Available with purchase of Ganz Klasse Workbook only.


Thema 1 Wer ist das?
Thema 2 Los geht’s zur Schule!
Thema 3 Hobbys machen Spaß!
Thema 4 Meine Familie, deine Familie
Thema 5 Die Klamotten
Thema 6 Guten Appetit!
Thema 7 Was machst du heute?
Thema 8 Mit dem Zug
Thema 9 Wir lieben Tiere!
Thema 10 Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Thema 11 Bei uns zu Hause
Thema 12 Bis bald!


Ellen Dunn was born and educated in Germany and has a wealth of experience teaching both German and ESL to all year levels, including primary and tertiary. She is the faculty coodinator for German, she has developed curricula and a vast amount of teaching and learning resources and was co-author on the Genau! series.

Ellen Moffatt is a passionate teacher of German and French specialising in both primary and secondary teaching. She has been a judge at various German poetry competitions and has extensive experience in developing curricula and working with a range of technologies and media to bring relevance to language learning.

Katherine Haplin has spent the last 16 years sharing her love of German, languages and learning with Victorian students from Years 5 to 11. She is always keen to develop and implement fun, interactive and real-world learning activities in her classes and has lived, studied and travelled extensively throughout Germany, also facilitating student trips to Germany.


Clearly structured to allow for meaningful and fun language and cultural learning, reflecting and comparing

Provides a variety of tasks and texts that develop and consolidate both productive and receptive skills, interwoven with many opportunities for the development of general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities

Lively cartoon spreads with the characters from Genau!, photos, reading passages and multiple occasions for intercultural reflection.