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Genau! Student Book

By | Copyright Year:2014 | ISBN-13: 9780170197021

The new editions of this junior secondary German series have been restructured and updated in response to teachers’ comments and changing emphases in the curriculum and technology. Supported by a website and a NelsonNetBook, the best loved features have been continued, with rich video and digital resources and an emphasis on intercultural learning. Genau! is suitable for Years 7 and 8, and is the first book in the series.

The series has a range of components available for separate purchase including a student workbook, audio pack, Teacher's Edition and NelsonNetBook. The NelsonNetBook version of the text is available to schools that adopt the student books (digital only licenses as well as print and digital combination). It can be used online or offline and has interactive links to a variety of multimedia resources via the web.

The series is also supported by the Genau! website, at, which offers a variety of resources for both students and teachers.
• Student website with access to animated cartoon stories from the student book, glossary podcasts, interactive activities and weblinks
• Teacher website with chapter PDFs of the student book and access to NelsonNetBook (for adopting schools). Note: additional teaching material is available on the CD with the Teacher Edition.

NEW! Vocabulary Apps for iPhone
You can download the App from iTunes®. It is a great way to revise Genau! and Ganz Genau! vocabulary plus it’s easy and fun!

*Complimentary access to NelsonNet is available to teachers who use the accompanying student book and workbook as a core resource in their classroom. Contact your education consultant for access codes and conditions.


Thema 1 Wer ist das?
Infos 1 Warum Deutsch?
Thema 2 Schule ist echt cool
Thema 3 Was spielst du gern?
Thema 4 Bei uns zu Hause
Thema 5 Die Klamotten
Thema 6 Guten Appetit!
Infos 2 Feste und Feiertage
Thema 7 Frohe Weihnachten
Thema 8 Eine Einladung
Infos 3 Made in Germany
Thema 9 Die Klassenarbeit
Thema 10 Die Ratte
Thema 11 Christians Geburtstag
Thema 12 Im Harz
Thema 13 Ein typisch deutsches Essen
Infos 4 Eine Rucksackreise
Thema 14 Bis bald!
Deutsch–Englisch Wortschatz
Englisch–Deutsch Wortschatz


Grammar summary now within each chapter – easy to find and relevant to the topic and level

Some ‘Infos’ for intercultural understanding have been updated, where needed

‘Schreibtipps’ (writing tips) in every chapter

‘Lerntipps’ section in each chapter

Vocabulary list in each chapter includes English translations