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Geography Skills for NCEA Level 1 Workbook 2nd Edition - 9780170368155
128 Pages

Geography Skills for NCEA Level 1 Workbook 2nd Edition

By | Copyright Year:2016 | ISBN-13: 9780170368155

Geography Skills for NCEA Level One has been revised specifically for the 2015 revision of the NCEA Level 1 external standard: Geography 1.4 (91010, Version 2) - Apply concepts and basic geography skills to demonstrate understanding of a given environment.
Specifically, the text educates students how to:
- use basic skills and geographic conventions with consistent precision in the presentation and/or interpretation of information
- demonstrate a full understanding of geography concepts using geographic terminology and insight.


Geography Concepts and Skills

Map Interpretation and Construction
1. Map symbols
2. Locating places: direction and bearing
3. Locating places: six-figure grid references
4. Locating places: latitude and longitude
5. Using scale: calculating distance
6. Using scale: estimating area
7. Showing and interpreting relief
8. Precis map construction
9. Other types of maps

Graph Interpretation and Construction
10. Bar graphs (single and multiple)
11. Line graphs (single and multiple)
12. Pie graphs and percentage bar graphs
13. Scatter graphs
14. Pictographs
15. Climate graphs
16. Population pyramids

Visual Image Interpretation
17. Photograph interpretation
18. Precis sketches
19. Cartoon interpretation
20. Annotating maps and diagrams

Geographic Models
21. Hazard risk model
22. The wind rose
23. Demographic transition model
24. Lee’s migration model

Fieldwork and Social Skills
25. Interpreting and completing a continuum to show value positions
26. Conducting questionnaire surveys
27. Field sketches

Putting It All Together
28. Unit 1: Rotorua relief and recreation
Unit 2: A ‘Supercity’s’ blueprint for growth



Learning units draw from range of contemporary and engaging issues and events from a variety of geographic settings, both within New Zealand and overseas.

Each learning unit contains an improved range of full-colour resource materials (such as larger maps, text, photographs, models, graphs, tables, cartoons, and other visuals) related to various contexts, allowing students to become familiar with a range of settings and themes.

Learning activities follow a conceptual approach teaching students to understand how the concepts (or “big ideas”) of Geography can be applied to contemporary issues across different settings; as well as demonstrating how to apply them to the contexts they have studied specifically.

As is the intention at Level 1, the text guides students in the interpretation and construction of basic skills.

Provides a foundation of learning for students working towards entry into NCEA Level 2 Geography or the first year of International Baccalaureate (IB) Geography after NCEA Level 1.

Provides an overview of the aspects of the standard.

Gives guidance on the application of basic geography skills and conventions.

Provides assistance in understanding the prescribed concepts or “big ideas” of Geography that underpin the knowledge and skills necessary to interpret information about the world.

Gives users an explanation of command terms used in Level 1 Geography examinations.

Includes advice on how to be “examination ready”.

Includes updated figures and resource material.

Also includes a New Case Study.