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Investigating Global History

By | Copyright Year:2001 | ISBN-13: 9780170102353

Investigating Global History covers the requirements of the mandatory Stage 4 syllabus in NSW. With the use of this text, students gain a sound understanding of world history from ancient to modern times.

Organised into a series of flexible, double-page spreads, the text draws upon a variety of historical sources including photos, maps, documents and extracts.


Introducing history
What is history?

Ancient societies
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Ancient China: The Middle Kingdom

Medieval and early modern societies
The Vikings
The Middle Ages
The Islamic world
The Crusades
The Renaissance
Medieval Japan

Indigenous peoples
The Aztecs
The Lakota
The Maori
The Zulu
Aboriginal Australians

Shaping the modern world
Adolf Hitler
Mao Zedong
Mahatma Gandhi
Penicillin: The 'magic bullet'
The assassination of John F. Kennedy
The moon landing
Struggle for equality: Feminism


Dr Glenn Davies has 15 years experience teaching Ancient History in Queensland. He is the head of the Social Sciences department at Caboolture SHS and has lectured in history at Central Queensland University and political science at Illinois State University. Glenn is a member of the Queensland History Teachers' Association State Council and has presented at QHTA State Conferences and the HTAA National Conference. He has written a substantial number of academic journal history articles, book chapters and newspaper articles, as well as secondary history curriculum material for National History Projects, and four junior secondary history textbooks, two of which focus on Ancient Rome.

Gary Kenworthy is an experienced Ancient History teacher, HSC exam marker and author. He currently teaches at Penrith High School.


Contains high-interest content, maps, diagrams, clearly labelled illustrations and extensive use of colour

Colourful double-page spreads contain a huge variety of historical sources and structured activities to develop understanding and literacy skills

Topic overviews called Homepages introduce each content area

Each chapter opens with a list of outcomes, an overview and a glossary

You have new mail sections present short, interesting pieces of information

Most chapters include specific spreads: A snapshot in time, (examining a particular person or event), Legacy (reviewing the contribution of the past to the present day) and Civics focus (looking at the links between the past and active citizenship)

Every chapter concludes with a chapter review