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Nelson Introducing Technology

By | Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780170185677

Nelson Introducing Technology, third edition has been fully revised and now comes in a larger, full colour format that allows students to clearly view photographs and illustrations. To further assist students, the new edition includes an enlarged section on tools, updated materials, manufacturing and electronics, along with the latest information on risk and safety. Popular topics such as Safety, Design, Materials, Manufacturing and Electronics are still part of the content listing.

This title will provide students with a wealth of textual and visual information, which assists students to solve technological design problems, and understand how technology continues to shape our world.

Nelson Introducing Technology is designed to be used independently or with a new edition of the text Technology Activity Manual, also by Basil Slynko.
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1 What is technology?
2 Safety
3 Design
4 Materials
5 Tools
6 Processes
7 Manufacturing
8 Mechanisms and energy
9 Electronics
10 Structures
11 Technology and the future


Basil Slynko B Ed St, MA has taught design and technology related subjects for many years in secondary schools and tertiary institutions in Australia and overseas. He has also worked as an Education Officer, developing curricula and learning materials for Distance Education students. Basil has also had a variety of practical industry experience in a number of industries whilst teaching. His industry experience is particularly vast in most trades within Construction. Basil has been a member of curriculum and consultative committees at both state and national level. He has written journal articles, and books Graphics 8 (plus Teacher's Edition); Introducing Technology and Technology Activity Manual (plus Teacher's Edition); (as co-author) Technology Activity Book 1 and Technology Activity Book 2 (plus Teacher's Editions); Senior Graphics Overview; Senior Graphics - Booklets, and Worksheets (plus Teacher's Edition). Basil won a peer-awarded International Laureate citation.


Simple, clear, concise language

More than 700 illustrations and full colour photos, especially of electronic components. A ground-up introduction for students, together with practical projects to ‘hook’ them into the wonderful world of technology and design.