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Nelson Maths AC Building Mental Strategies Big Book 1 - 9780170251525
Big Book
24 Pages

Nelson Maths AC Building Mental Strategies Big Book 1

By | Copyright Year:2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170251525

Designed for modelled, shared and guided sessions each book is a highly visual resource for teaching mathematical mental strategies. Teachers and students will enjoy the large format while exploring the mental strategies found in counting, place value, addition and subtraction.


Counting On
How Many? (Concept of 100)
Number Combinations
Teen Numbers
Place Value
Number Mat
2s and 10s Patterns
Number Lines
Number Chart 1 to 100
Number Chart 0 to 99
Adding 10
Snakes Add 10
Before and After


Step-by-step teaching notes with focus questions, conveniently located in the inside back covers

Teaching focus notes, at the base of each spread

Colourful and stimulating pictures

Well set out and easy-to-follow diagrams