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New Century Maths 12 General Workbook HSC

By | Copyright Year:2008 | ISBN-13: 9780170135085

This publication is a student workbook for New South Wales students who are completing Year 12 General Mathematics and require a study guide and/or revision text that will assist them in preparing for the HSC examination. The content is arranged in topic format so the workbook can be used effectively by all students of the Stage 6 General Mathematics course, regardless of the mainstream text used at school.

Each chapter (or topic) opens with a summary of facts and formulas followed by well-graded questions that re-examine the topic. Each chapter concludes with a summary. Answers to all exercises, including worked examples of some questions, are found at the rear of the text with two complete Practice Examinations and a Formulae Quiz for students to test their knowledge.

Robert Yen has acted as consultant and reviewer on this project.


1 Algebraic skills and techniques
2 Further applications of area and volume
3 Credit and borrowing
4 Probability: Multi-stage events
5 Applications of probability
6 Interpreting sets of data
7 Applications of trigonometry
8 Annuities and loan repayments
9 Modelling linear and non-linear relationships
10 Depreciation
11 Geometry of the Earth
12 The normal distribution
13 Correlation
Practice exam papers, formula quiz, answers and HSC formula sheet


Matthew Dunstan has more than 25 years of experience teaching mathematics in NSW schools, including four years as Head of Department - Mathematics at a large private school in Sydney. He currently teaches at Sydney's Barker College. Matthew achieved outstanding results in 2002 when 1 student was placed 4th in the state, 12 of the 19 students achieved Band 6 in the HSC, and the remainder of the students achieved Band 5. Matthew brings to the author team a thorough knowledge of the syllabus and still enjoys teaching the course.

Tania Eastcott teaches at St Mary’s Catholic College, Gateshead, Newcastle and has taught at Barker College, Hornsby. She has been involved in HSC marking, judging and exam development, and run workshops for the HSC Mathematics General course. Tania has written for New Century Maths 11-12 General Mathematics and Maths in Focus 11-12 Mathematics Advanced and Extension 1.


Comprehensive topic-based questions

Complete course coverage

Solutions and worked solutions for independent study

Well-graded questions to promote student confidence

Original questions and a fresh approach to the concepts being studied

Mathematical language and literary scaffolding

Practice papers

Multiple-choice formulae questions

Formulae and rules summaries