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New Century Maths 12: Mathematics Workbook HSC

By | Copyright Year:2007 | ISBN-13: 9780170130462

This publication is a student workbook for New South Wales students who are completing Year 12 Mathematics and require a study guide and/or revision text that will assist them in preparing for the HSC examination. The content is arranged in topic format so the workbook can be used effectively by all students of the Stage 6 – Mathematics course, regardless of the mainstream text used at school.

Each chapter (or topic) opens with a summary of facts and formulas followed by well-graded questions that re-examine the topic. Each chapter concludes with a summary. Answers to all exercises, including worked examples of some questions, are found at the rear of the text with two complete Practice Examinations and a Formulae Quiz for students to test their knowledge.


1 Geometrical applications of differentiation
2 Integration
3 Exponential and logarithmic functions
4 Trigonometric functions
5 Probability
6 Series and applications
7 Applications of calculus to the physical world
8 Coordinate methods in geometry
9 Applications of geometrical properties
Practice papers, formula-quiz, answers and worked solutions


Robert Yen taught at Hurlstone Agricultural High School. He co-wrote New Century Maths 11–12 Mathematics Standard 2, co-edited Reflections, the MANSW journal, and now works for Cengage as the mathematics publisher.



Formulae quizzes

Practice papers

Worked solutions

Revision and exam preparation

Comprehensive topic-based questions that are original and never-before published

Total coverage of the Mathematics course

Questions for all ability levels, including gifted students

Multiple choice formulae questions

Formulae and rules summaries

Solutions and worked solutions

Mathematical language and literary scaffolding