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New QMaths 11 Selected Worked Solutions PDF eBook on DVD

By | Copyright Year:2011 | ISBN-13: 9780170195829

The selected worked solutions for New Q Maths 11A, 11B and 11C are all contained on this DVD for Year 11. The solutions have been chosen to assist students with the middle level to difficult questions in the textbooks. They are representative and provide students with an opportunity to consolidate and apply the approach they develop to other problems of the same type. A large number of problem-solving and modeling questions have accordingly been included in the selection. The solutions are presented in the same way as the examples in the textbook, with explanation on the left and the mathematical steps on the right.

eBook features include:
• Adobe annotation tools are enabled, allowing the user to highlight text and add notes and links to their own files and save their annotations
• A recent version of Adobe Reader is sufficient for this, which is a free download from the Adobe site
• Printing enabled
• Bookmarks for navigation
• School site licences available for schools that have adopted any of the New Q Maths 11 and 12 textbooks.


Solutions with explanations

Selected from middle difficulty and most difficult questions in each set, chosen to help students progress in each topic

Plenty of modelling and problem-solving questions included

Solutions are in the same style as the examples in the textbooks, with “thinking” explanations on the left and mathematical working on the right

Questions are included with the solutions.