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Obento Senior Teacher Audio CD

By | Copyright Year:2006 | ISBN-13: 9780170127554

These Obento Senior Audio CDs, which come in a pack of 4, offer over four hours of audio language modelling and contain:
- many passages from the Student Book. An average of 4 text types per unit are recorded, including diary entries, emails, dialogues, speeches, vox pops etc
- 3 Workbook listening activities per unit including new dialogues/speeches that have been based on language explored in the unit
- a minimum of two Teacher Resource Book listening tests per unit
- the Obento Senior Japanese Song


The Audio CD offers extra audio for language modelling. It contains all audio for the Student Book and the Workbook tasks.


Ken Hutchinson is a well-known and highly respected teacher of Japanese and language consultant, with vast experience in the high school setting. He is Head of Languages at Grace Lutheran College, Queensland. Ken held the position of Chairman, State Panel for Japanese, Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) for 10 years. He also served on the State Japanese Syllabus Committee for 15 years. Ken has an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum documents used throughout Australia and New Zealand, and is a sought-after consultant for Japanese language resource development. Ken has authored, and contributed to, a number of other leading Japanese Primary School, Middle School and Secondary School textbooks which are being used across Australia and New Zealand.


Audio CDs are contained in a durable DVD case, and they cover over 5 hours of Japanese recording by native speakers.