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PM Emerald Extras - Teacher's Guide, Levels 25-26 - 9780170114714
Teacher Resource

PM Emerald Extras - Teacher's Guide, Levels 25-26

By | Copyright Year:2004 | ISBN-13: 9780170114714

The PM Extras Teacher's Guide Emerald Levels 25-26 provides suggestions for small-group teaching using the six chapter books and six non-fiction titles.

Each set of teachers notes includes
• Text features of each book including key vocabulary, grammatical conventions, spelling and visual literacy components
• a variety of comprehension questions at the literal, inferential and critical levels
• Suggested activities for going beyond the text
• a reading and writing activity sheet to accompany each text
• computer task cards to enhance students' understanding of the text using information technology skills
• creative thinking tasks that have been designed using the levels of thinking from Bloom's taxonomy.

The teacher's guide also provides ideas for assessment and an overview of a balanced reading program.


About the Pm Extras books at emerald Level
A Balanced reading program
Checklist of text features and specific language skills
Using the teachers' notes in this guide
General outcomes
Reading record example: Level 26
Assessment record example: Level 26
Reading record example: Level 25
Assessment record example: Level 25
Reading record pro-forma
Assessment record pro-forma
Reading checklist
Reading self-assessment
Teachers' notes and BLMs for the books at Emerald Level
Computer task cards
Bloom's Taxonomy activities