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Pronti, via! 3 Student Book - 9780170111300
168 Pages

Pronti, via! 3 Student Book

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780170111300

Pronti, via! is a three-stage course which aims to give learners of varying levels a thorough grounding in the Italian language and an awareness of Italian culture both in Australia and in Italy.

Pronti, via! provides, within each unit, separate texts and associated tasks at clearly differentiated difficulty levels.

Each unit has a theme, but contains both beginner level and more advanced level work, the two sections being separated by a third, which addresses cultural input.

The main characters of Pronti, via! are young teenagers, members of a family network that spans three cities - Salerno, Sydney and Melbourne. This provides a natural context for the transmission of cultural knowledge.

This full-colour Student Book features lively presentation of key language through a variety of text-types; plenty of guided oral activities, a variety of reading texts, grammar sections, cultural material, and more.

Each stage of Pronti, via! contains a Student Book, Workbook(s), audio material and teacher resource material.


Magazine style presentation
Authentic reading and listening material in a range of text types
A variety of themes relevant to young people
Cultural information with accompanying tasks
Two revision units for consolidation
Detailed explanation in each unit of the grammar points with tables and examples.


Marisa Minelle Katis is an expert and influential language educator, Besides co-authoring the Italian series Pronti Via!, she has also written numerous language teaching books for children, including textbooks that teach Italian to junior students via songs and music.

Dr Antonia Rubino is currently an associate Dean at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Sydney where she teaches Italian Studies [language, literature and linguistics]. An expert of language teaching and methodology, she is also currently conducting a study on people who have recently migrated to Australia from Italy in the last 12-15 years. Antonia was born in Italy and moved to Australia after graduating at the University of Florence [Italy] in languages.


Fresh, modern design; highly photographic; magazine style

Modern, authentic Italian; up-to-date content

User-friendly, with activities clearly indicated

Excellent grammar notes at the end of each unit

Contents pages outlining the subject matter of each unit, showing:

-Communicative aims

-Grammar points (new and revised)

-Text types

-Cultural items

First two units are mainly revision of grammar covered in Pronti, via! 1 and 2 (and other courses at this level)

Wide range of appealing themes, suitable for senior classes, based on nationally prescribed themes and topics

Excellent range of authentic text types providing models for students' own writing

Units 7-12 also include literary extracts including poems, song lyrics, historical excerpts, extracts from novels and rap lyrics, all from a variety of sources

Culture is integrated, with most texts containing cultural information as well as language input

Grammar is always taught in context within the unit, with grammar points highlighted and referenced to the notes at the end of the unit