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Pronti, via! 3 Workbook

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780170111317

Pronti, via! 3 is aimed at Year 10/11/12 students. The year levels will vary from school to school, depending on when Italian is introduced and the amount of time devoted to it.

This Workbook provides a rich source of practical material containing lots of graded listening, reading and writing tasks


Activities that examine and explore the Student Book texts and develop skills in listening, writing, reading, and speaking.


Marisa Minelle Katis is an expert and influential language educator, Besides co-authoring the Italian series Pronti Via!, she has also written numerous language teaching books for children, including textbooks that teach Italian to junior students via songs and music.

Dr Antonia Rubino is currently an associate Dean at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Sydney where she teaches Italian Studies [language, literature and linguistics]. An expert of language teaching and methodology, she is also currently conducting a study on people who have recently migrated to Australia from Italy in the last 12-15 years. Antonia was born in Italy and moved to Australia after graduating at the University of Florence [Italy] in languages.


Easy to use and packed of tasks and activities, such as graded listening, reading and writing tasks and fun activities such as puzzles and word games. It also contains unit-by-unit Italian-English wordlists.