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The STE(A)M Book 1 Student Workbook

By | Copyright Year:2019 | ISBN-13: 9780170421935

The STE(A)M Book is a series of student focused, problem-based projects that engage students in the discipline areas of STE(A)M. The STE(A)M Book places the student at the centre of the learning process, engaging them in authentic project-based, problem solving approaches to learning. This text also fosters critical thinking, problem solving, analytical thinking, ICT capabilities, and intra and interpersonal skills.


The STE(A)M Book 1
1. DIY Planetarium
2. DIY Compost Water Heater
3. Solar Barbecue
4. People Powered Slot Car
5. High Protein Crops
6. Creating a Sustainable Structure
7. Drop Tower
8. Wind Power
9. Art Detective
10. Backyard Birds
11. Save the Frogs
12. Space Symposium


Jennie Young is a multiple–award winning teacher who has been designing and implementing engaging STE(A)M programs in schools for more than twenty years. The projects developed by Jennie for The STE(A)M Book 1 have all been tested in a school environment to ensure they are scalable, tangible, experiential, affordable and manageable.


Each project is aligned to the Australian Curriculum and features content from Science, Technology, Maths and The Arts* *The number of outcomes and curriculum areas covered varies across projects

Tear–out appendices at the back of the workbook provide guidance for: self and peer assessment, primary investigations and other important documentation

Student and teacher content has been reviewed by an expert team of consultants who represent the range of discipline areas in STE(A)M