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The STE(A)M Book 1 Teacher Resource 1 Access Code for 48 Months

By | Copyright Year:2019 | ISBN-13: 9780170423182

This is a printed card* to access the digital only product, The STE(A)M Book 1 Teacher Resource. The STE(A)M Book is a series of student focused, problem-based projects that engage students in the discipline areas of STE(A)M and places the student at the centre of the learning process, engaging them in authentic project-based, problem solving approaches to learning. This text also fosters critical thinking, problem solving, analytical thinking, ICT capabilities, and intra and interpersonal skills.

The STE(A)M Book is supported by a comprehensive digital teacher resource. The teacher resource includes:
• Teacher NelsonNetBook featuring:
Additional resources and research
Equipment list
Focus areas
Advice on programming and implementation
Equipment list
Teaching strategies
Additional information
• Worksheets
• Lab notes
• Risk assessments.

*Please see for delivery times.


Jennie Young is a multiple–award winning teacher who has been designing and implementing engaging STE(A)M programs in schools for more than twenty years. The projects developed by Jennie for The STE(A)M Book 1 have all been tested in a school environment to ensure they are scalable, tangible, experiential, affordable and manageable.