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VCE Psychology Research Methods Key Science Skills Workbook - 9780170365642
72 Pages

VCE Psychology Research Methods Key Science Skills Workbook

By | Copyright Year:2016 | ISBN-13: 9780170365642

VCE Psychology Research Methods is a combined theory book and workbook that develops the key science skills which permeate Units 1 – 4 in VCE Psychology. One of the fundamental skills in VCE Psychology is the ability to understand and apply research methodologies. This workbook simply and clearly explains these methodologies in a practical and coherent manner and provides opportunities for students to develop and practise these skills. It allows students to learn one skill at a time and to apply their understanding of this skill as they progress.


1 Establishing research
1.1 Steps in research
1.2 Independent and dependent variables
1.3 Formulating a hypothesis
1.4 Population and sample

2 Minimising extraneous variables
2.1 Extraneous variables
2.2 Placebos and procedures
2.3 Types of sampling
2.4 Experimental research designs

3 Collecting and presenting data
3.1 Data collection
3.2 Types of data
3.3 Descriptive statistics
3.4 Visual representations of data

4 Drawing conclusions
4.1 Inferential statistics
4.2 Validity and reliability
4.3 Conclusions and generalisations

5 Ethics
5.1 Ethical considerations in psychological research
5.2 Non-humans in research

6 Reporting conventions
6.1 Writing a research investigation: title, abstract, introduction
6.2 Writing a research investigation: method, results
6.3 Writing a research investigation: discussion, references, appendices
6.4 Write your own research investigation

7 Examination Skills
7.1 Practice questions


Kristy Kendall graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and completed her Masters of Education in 2014. She was the Head of Psychology at Haileybury for many years, and is currently the Head of Haileybury’s Edrington Campus in Berwick. Kristy has been a VCAA examiner for over 10 years and has published many works in VCE Psychology. She is currently working for Edrolo presenting online psychology lessons and revision tasks for Units 3 & 4 students across the state.