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VCE Unit 1, 20th Century History 1900-1945

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780170133029

This text has been specifically written to meet the requirements of the VCE Unit 1, Twentieth Century History 1900–1945 Study Design implemented in 2005. It provides introductory activities to the study of History in the twentieth century, detailed explanations of the historical concepts discussed in each Area of Study, learning and assessment items throughout the text and detailed research topics.

Film and History is a particular focus of this text, with a range of film-based learning activities and assessment tasks found in most chapters.

A special History skills chapter provides students with information on bibliographies, footnoting, essay writing and the use of quotations.


1 An introduction to a new century
2 An introduction to the Area of Study: Crisis and conflict
3 The First World War
4 Germany from Weimar to the Third Reich
5 Workers of the world unite? The Russian Revolution
6 The League of Nations and descent into war
7 An introduction to the Area of Study: Social life
8 Modern Times: Machines, technology and society- 1920s - 1930s
9 New ways of living: Life under fascism and communism
10 Total war: everyday life during the Second World War
11 An introduction to the Area of Study: Cultural expression and politics
12 Moving pictures


Sarah Mirams has taught history in secondary and tertiary settings, worked as an education officer for cultural and heritage institutions, and has contributed to numerous textbooks for secondary students. Sarah is the author of Nelson’s successful Twentieth Century History 1900–1945 for VCE Unit 1 and Twentieth Century History 1945–2000 for VCE Unit 2. She is also the author of Nelson Modern History titles, Civil Rights in the United States of America and co-author of Australia 1918-1950s, to be released next year. Sarah now works as an independent historian.