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eBook solutions for students, your library, or LMS integration

5-YEAR-ACCESS eBooks from $64.95

Why choose an eBook?

The portability, accessibility and convenience of eBooks makes them an increasingly popular choice for students. Whether your students are commuting locally into class or are distance learners in another time zone, the ability to digitally access their class text has many benefits.

When you buy an eBook for your institution, all your students will have access to your chosen text, enabling them to come to class properly prepared.

We work with our industry-leading partners to deliver eBooks in the way you need them. Whether to tablets for offline access; with a single login to your LMS; through your library; or you’d like your students to purchase them directly, we can offer a solution that suits both you and your students. 


Benefits for your students

Students can make the text their own with:

  • Highlighting and notes to add emphasis and clarity
  • Easy navigation using search options and interactive table of contents
  • Font adjustment to allow accessibility for all
  • Some formats provide offline access to a variety of mobile devices that allows the eBook to be accessed any time
  • Print function for when having a hard copy is useful
  • Even distance learners can access the same version with no need to source the title locally

How can your students access eBooks?

Student purchase

Students can buy eBooks from

A mini site just for you
Build a microsite just for your subject – bring together the eBooks and print books you have chosen, branded to your subject, in

Institutional purchase, student access
Your institution distributes access codes for your chosen eBooks to your students. They then unlock the eBook with a CengageBrain account 

Institutional purchase with LMS integration
Build the eBooks and eContent you want directly into your LMS! Compatible with LTI-compliant LMS' including Blackboard, Moodle and Canvas

Library loan through ProQuest
Your students will be thrilled to access textbooks through their library using ProQuest’s Ebook Central.
Purchase your eTextbooks for libraries via LibCentral or contact your ProQuest representative for more information.

For more information on content delivery options for you and your students visit our instructor page or

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