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PM Benchmark RAR Software

The PM Benchmark RAR Software is an annual, site-licence digital subscription. Subscriptions are $200 for unlimited teacher access for an unlimited number of students, for 365 days from the date of purchase. The software is used in conjunction with the PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Resources kits 1 or 2.

The digital resource is designed for schools to confidently store comprehensive whole-school literacy assessment data in one location, empowering teachers to track student progress and identify areas of development.

Features include automation of assessment:

  • retelling
  • reading record
  • comprehension
  • miscue analysis
  • reading behaviours

The summary succinctly presents all facets of the assessment along with recommendations and a copy of the reading record. 

Reporting features include:

  • individual progress graphs
  • customisable group reports and graphs
  • ability to export to Excel




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PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Resources

The PM Benchmark Reading Assessment Resources assist teachers to explicitly assess students’ instructional and independent reading levels using unseen, meaningful texts. The emphasis of the PM Benchmark assessment procedures is to ensure that students are comprehending the texts that they read.

Each PM Benchmark Kit contains:

  • 46 levelled fiction and non-fiction texts: which range from emergent levels to reading age 12
  • Teacher’s Resource Book & CD: includes helpful information on how to use each component of the resource. 
  • Modelled Assessments DVD: contains frequently asked questions and professional development videos to assist teachers in effectively assessing students’ reading levels
  • Procedures Card: provides a summary of the recommended procedures for taking a reading assessment.


Watch the video to see how to conduct a benchmark assessment to identify student instructional or independent reading levels. 

Conduct a digital assessment

Watch how easy it is to conduct a digital assessment to capture a students' reading accuracy, error and self-correction rates. 

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