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Expanding World, New Country - 9780170425315
384 Pages

Expanding World, New Country

By | Copyright Year:2019 | ISBN-13: 9780170425315

Expanding World, New Country: 19th Century New Zealand from 3000BCE to today, is aimed primarily at secondary students, the first such textbook in 20 years. Expanding World, New Country focuses on the long 19th century (up to WWI) during which New Zealand changed from a wholly Maori country to one dominated by Pakeha in terms of numbers, culture and political power.


Chapter 1 Pre-European
The short story, to 1800
Colonisation phase, AD 12---1400
The Transitional phase, 1300-1600
The Traditional phase, 1500-1800

Chapter 2 Cook
First Contact
Captain James Cook
Analysis of Cook

Chapter 3 Contact Period
The next ‘contact period’: the resource hunters
Consequences of Contact
Land speculators
Reluctant Empire: towards a Treaty

Chapter 4 Treaty
Why did Britain propose a treaty?
Why did (many) Maori sign the treaty?
The proceedings

Chapter 5 After the Treaty
After the Treaty: sovereignty versus rangatiratanga
Past and present: Waikato Treaty settlement
Past and present: was colonisation really that bad?
Maori and American Indians: a comparison

Chapter 6 Migration and settlement
The rise of Europe: guns, germs and steel
What is ‘British culture’?
Britain in the 18th and early 19th century
The European diaspora
Push factors: socio-economic inequality in 19th century Britain
Push factors: inequality in the political and legal system
The ‘right sort’ of migrant
Obstacles to migration
Pull factors: migration schemes and assisted passage
Pull factors; ‘getting ahead’
Pull factors; kin migration
Pull factors; war
Pull factors: gold
Pull factors: proximity (Australia)
Pull factors: ‘other’
Influences on New Zealand society
1. Demographics
2. Cultural baggage
‘Progress’ and the role of the State (government)