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Walker Maths Essentials Algebra 5 Equations and Expressions

By | Copyright Year:2020 | ISBN-13: 9780170447454

Walker Maths Essentials are a series of workbooks for teachers to build courses appropriated to their students. In this way, students get resources pitched at the right level to support their individual learning as they strengthen their skills in a particular strand. Each strand is supported by a set of 3 or 4 workbooks graded by curriculum level.

The well-designed, write-on workbooks contain teaching material, worked examples, carefully graded practice exercises, puzzles and challenges for those needing extension. Two comprehensive “test yourself” quizzes are provided at the end of each book.

We have taken all your favourite elements of the Senior Walker Maths series and incorporated them in to Walker Maths Essentials.

Digital Teacher Resources are available across all Walker Maths Essentials titles for teachers that adopt the corresponding workbooks. Each digital resource includes a Walker Maths Essentials e-book/projection file and Answer e-book. Please contact your Sales Representative for more details.



Working with integers
Finding the value of a symbol

The language of algebra
Words to operations
Phrases to expressions
More about variables

Simplifying expressions
Putting it together
Like terms
Adding and subtracting
Mixing it up

Multiplying powers
Dividing powers
Powers of powers
Mixing it up
Find the errors

Challenge 1

Challenge 2

Find the errors

Challenge 3

Challenge 4

Formulae and substitution
With one variable
With two or more variables
Mixing it up

Challenge 5

Solving linear equations
One-step equations

Removeable section in centre of book. Pull out and cut up.

Two-step equations
Find the errors
With integers and decimals
With variables on both sides
Find the errors
With brackets
Find the errors
Mixing it up

Challenge 6

Challenge 7

Quadratic expressions
Expanding quadratic expressions
Factorising quadratic expressions
Solving quadratic equations

Understanding instructions in algebra

Revision 1
Revision 2



Charlotte Walker BEd, GradDipTchLn, MHealSc. Charlotte has nine years' experience in teaching Mathematics, and is currently Assistant HOD of Mathematics and Dean of Year 9 at Darfield High School.

Victoria Walker BSc (Hons), GradDipTchLn.Victoria has twenty years' experience in teaching Mathematics, and is currently Teacher of Mathematics and Specialist Classroom Teacher at Riccarton High School. She has received a Jim Campbell award for teaching excellence (2003) and an Ernest Duncan award in Mathematics (2007).