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Walker Maths Numeracy Practice

By | Copyright Year:2023 | ISBN-13: 9780170474474

Walker Maths Numeracy Practice is designed to give students essential practice for the new NCEA Numeracy co-requisite.
It is a write-on workbook containing forty sets of questions.
Each set contains questions drawn from a variety of content and process strands.
The questions are similar in style and scope to those likely to be encountered in the assessment.
Suited to use either in the classroom or for homework.
Regular use of this workbook will give students the confidence to successfully tackle the Numeracy assessment.
Numeracy Practice will also develop the mathematical skills they are likely to need in everyday life.
Suitable for learners operating at Level 4 or above of the New Zealand curriculum.


Process ideas
1 Formulate approaches to solving problems
2 Use mathematics and statistics
3 Explain the reasonableness of responses
Practice 1
Practice 2
Practice 3
Practice 4
Practice 5
Practice 6
Practice 7
Practice 8
Practice 9
Practice 10
Practice 11
Practice 12
Practice 13
Practice 14
Practice 15
Practice 16
Practice 17
Practice 18
Practice 19
Practice 20
Practice 21
Practice 22
Practice 23
Practice 24
Practice 25
Practice 26
Practice 27
Practice 28
Practice 29
Practice 30
Practice 31
Practice 32
Practice 33
Practice 34
Practice 35
Practice 36
Practice 37
Practice 38
Practice 39
Practice 40


Charlotte Walker BEd, GradDipTchLn, MHealSc.Charlotte has over 10 years' experience in teaching Mathematics.

Victoria Walker BSc (Hons), GradDipTchLn. Victoria has twenty years' experience in teaching Mathematics. She has received a Jim Campbell award for teaching excellence (2003) and an Ernest Duncan award in Mathematics (2007).


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By | ISBN-13: 9780170477710
Walker Maths Numeracy Essentials is a write-on workbook which will complement Walker Maths Numeracy Practice. It is designed to enable students to develop confidence in each of the seven content ideas before being faced with mixed context and processes. It has comprehensive sections on Number, Mathematical relationships, Spatial properties, Location and navigation, Measurement, Statistics and data, and Elements of chance. Following these, the three process ideas are explained along with hints and practice questions. There are then five sets of ten practice questions which are similar in style and scope to those likely to be encountered in the assessment. This book will be invaluable for learners who need support on their journey towards achieving the NCEA Numeracy standard.
$15.40 Available