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Access to History: An Introduction to Modern British History 1900-1999

By | Copyright Year:2001 | ISBN-13: 9780340775257

This text is an essential introduction to the key issues and themes of modern British history for senior students.

The Access to History Context series covers core periods of European and American history. Each book covers a period of at least one hundred years, charting the key political, social, economic, religious and cultural themes and issues of that time.

All texts include activities with comprehensive advice on tackling essay questions.


Politics and Parties, 1900-14
Britain and the First World War
Britain Between the Wars, 1918-39
Britain's Foreign Policy, 1918-39
Britain at War, 1939-45
Post-War Britain, 1945-64
The Age of Consensus, 1964-79
From Thatcherism to New Labour, 1979-99
Social Policy in Britain after 1945
Britain's Role in the Post-War World


Michael Lynch is a Modern History lecturer at Leicester University and best-selling Access To History author and series editor.


carefully structured activities

historiographical biography boxes

'points to consider' sections

'key issues' boxes

a variety of primary sources and document extracts