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Access to History: An Introduction to Stuart Britain 1610-1714

By | Copyright Year:2000 | ISBN-13: 9780340737446

This title focuses on the causes and nature of civil wars, and assesses the extent to which they can be considered revolutionary. It examines political, social and economic development between 1603 and 1714, and uses a thematic approach to define and explain the changes that took place.

The Access to History Context series covers core periods of European and American history. Each book covers a period of at least one hundred years, charting the key political, social, economic, religious and cultural themes and issues of that time.

All texts include activities with comprehensive advice on tackling essay questions.


Introduction: The crisis of monarchy
1. The Tudor legacy: Britain in 1603
2. The origins of conflict 1603-29
3. The development of the crisis 1626-40
4. From crisis to war 1640-42
5. War and revolution 1642-9
6. Republic and restoration 1649-60
7. The Stuart monarchy 1660-1714
8. The transformation of Britain


carefully structured activities

historiographical biography boxes

'points to consider' sections

'key issues' boxes

a variety of primary sources and document extracts