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Access to History: Renaissance Italy

By | Copyright Year:1998 | ISBN-13: 9780340701362

An examination of the Renaissance as a cultural phenomenon which was patronised by a capitalist society. The author pulls together the different aspects of "renaissance", highlighting the importance of economic, political, military, religious, ceremonial, intellectual, literary and artistic factors in its development. The text also focuses on wealthy cities such as Florence, Venice and Rome, but sets them in the wider context of the peninsula as a whole. In addition, the fundamental issues of what Renaissance men and women thought about themselves and their world are analyzed through researched historiography and source material. There are summary diagrams, along with advice for students on note-taking and examination skills.


Introduction: Renaissance Italy and European History
Making Money: The Economic Framework
The Social Fabric
The Political Structure
Religion and the Church
The Ancient World and Renaissance Humanism
Renaissance Men and the Real World
The Art Business


carefully structured activities

historiographical biography boxes

'points to consider' sections

'key issues' boxes

a variety of primary sources and document extracts