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Acting in Person and in Style in Australia - 9780170214919
352 Pages

Acting in Person and in Style in Australia

By | Copyright Year:2003 | ISBN-13: 9780170214919

This is an exciting Australian adaptation of the highly successful Acting in Person and in Style student book from the USA. The text incorporates discussion of Australian playwrights, plays and productions and includes a new section on Australian theatre from 1789 to the present day. The innovative design and updated images make the text easy to follow and stimulating for student use.


Part I Acting: In Person
1 Centering: Finding a state of heightened awareness
2 Sensing: Becoming more aware of the senses
3 Focusing
4 Freeing: Releasing tension
5 Speaking: Using language clearly and intelligently
6 Feeling and doing
7 Synthesising Skills: Preparing a performance
8 Playbuilding: Devising and structuring original ideas into performance

Part II Acting: In Style
9 Greek, Roman and Medieval drama
10 Commedia Dell’Arte
11 Elizabethan and Shakespearean theatre
12 Seventeenth-century French Neoclassicism
13 Restoration comedy
14 Realism and Naturalism
15 Early twentieth-century theatre: Symbolism to Dada
16 Brecht: Epic style and Didacticism
17 Theatre of the absurd
18 Eclectic: Mixing the styles

Part III Australian drama
19 Early Australian drama
20 Heros, Heroines and harlequins (1851–1914)
21 The City or the bush: 1915–1950
22 Initiative and innovation: 1951–2002


An introduction to the history and development of Australian theatre, with suggestions for improvisation and playbuilding exercises based on relevant periods

Acting in style exercises extended to include improvisation and playbuilding exercises and selections from Australian plays

Acting in person exercises supplemented with extra improvisation activities

Extended coverage of melodrama

Glossary which includes syllabus terminology

Many new photographs – of Australian productions