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By | Copyright Year:2016 | ISBN-13: 9780170365840

Aeroplanes are impressive aircraft that are used in many ways. People use aeroplanes to fight fires and take sick people to safety. Aeroplanes also fly passengers to exciting places all around the world.


Most students will reach PM Silver level at the end of their fourth year at school. The stories concern real-life problems, reflecting the relative maturity of these students.

Sentences with two or three clauses and several verbs become more common at this level. Visually confusing elisions such as we’re, are introduced and the length of the texts at this level extends to around 1000 words.

Silver level books encourage students to empathise with other people and societies. Reading about experiences such as overcoming oppression help children to grow and face the challenges in their own lives.

Upon completion of the Silver level, children have reached a reading age of nine years.