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Ag Tech Focus Student Book with 1 access code for 26 months

By | Copyright Year:2020 | ISBN-13: 9780170443111

Ag Tech Focus has been written from the ground up with comprehensive coverage of the new NSW Stage 4 & 5 Agricultural Technology syllabus with a strong focus on sustainability, multiculturalism and technology, addressing the concerns and opportunities currently affecting Australian agriculture. This text addresses a wide range of enterprises in-depth, covering rural enterprises such as cattle and wheat, and urban-based enterprises such as hydroponics and fungi. It has been designed with an inquiry and design-based approach, catering to the key themes of the new syllabus of research and problem-solving.

Also features:
• Structured practical activities addressing the experiential and problem-solving practical requirements of the syllabus and provides support and ideas for teachers
• Case studies and stimulus questions encourage collaboration and allow students to link their learning to a real-world context
• Online worksheets and data scenarios are included on NelsonNet which allow for further investigation and analysis
• In-depth teaching program and templates support teachers with the new Agricultural Technology and Technology Mandatory syllabi as well as mapping to other state syllabi.

You’ll also have access to FREE* NelsonNet resources to engage your students and provide you with valuable teaching tools.

Teacher NelsonNet resources include:
• Teaching programs
• Templates
• Chapter PDFs
• Weblinks
• Answers.

Students NelsonNet resources include:
• NelsonNetBook
• Worksheets
• Data Scenarios
• Chapter review quizzes
• Weblinks.

*Complimentary access to NelsonNet is available to teachers who use the accompanying student book as a core resource in their classroom. Contact your education consultant for access codes and conditions.


1 An Introduction to agriculture
2 Agricultural environment
3 Farm resources and technology
4 Agricultural business
5 Conducting agricultural research
6 Vegetable market gardening
7 Wheat
8 Cotton
9 Canola
10Dairy cattle
11 Beef cattle
12 Sheep
13 Chickens
14 Bees and insects
15 Hydroponics
16 Fungi
17 Aquaculture


Mellissa Marshall teaches agriculture and science at Moruya High School on the South Coast of NSW. Prior to teaching, she worked as a veterinary surgeon in small animal and mixed practices for 10 years.

Samantha Jarrett is a passionate agriculture teacher with 10 years’ experience. She is currently a representative for the NSW Department of Education on the Schools Animal Care and Ethics Committee (SACEC) and a team member of the Lighthouse Schools for Agriculture and Primary Industries Program.

Stellina Trestrail is Head of Agriculture at Northholm Grammar School and has taught HSC agriculture for the past seven years. She previously taught VCE biology and agriculture in Melbourne and worked at the CSIRO on the Winter Wheat Breeding Program in Canberra.

Erin Blake is an agriculture and primary industries teacher with 17 years’ experience and has been on numerous assessment writing teams as well as marked and judged for the HSC.

Nicolet Westerhof is an experienced senior agriculture and primary industries teacher, HSC marker, exam committee and NA AE executive.

Sofia Hameed is an enthusiastic agriculture teacher at James Ruse Agricultural High School. She has extensive teaching experience both in rural and urban schools and regularly marks for the HSC.