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Along the River Nile - 9780170229265
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Along the River Nile

By | Copyright Year:2013 | ISBN-13: 9780170229265

For thousands of years, along thousands of kilometres, the mighty Nile River in Africa has brought life to the people, plants and animals inhabiting the jungles, plains and deserts along its banks. There are few rivers that run through such diverse landscapes or that continue to sustain such varied cultures and civilisations. In this book, you'll discover that it is not only water that flows through the Nile, but history, too.


Introducing the Nile River
The Nile Basin
Journey Along the Nile River
The Nile River - a Food Source
A Culinary Feast on the Nile
An Ancient Egyptian Recipe
Aswan High Dam, Egypt
River Pollution
The Narrow Nile at Nubia
Water Transportation and Tourism
The Nile Swimmers Project


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