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Ancient Greece for Senior Students - 9780170134637
112 Pages

Ancient Greece for Senior Students

By | Copyright Year:2008 | ISBN-13: 9780170134637

Ancient Greece for Senior Students is a topic book suited to students of Senior Ancient History in Queensland. It provides detailed studies on five themes from the syllabus.


1 Studies of Archaeology: Archaeology of ancient Greece
- Background: Development of archaeology
- Focus question 1: Schliemann - science or sensationalism?
- Background: Discovering Minoan civilisation
- Focus question 2: What are the ethics of reconstruction?
- Focus question 3: Does Linear B provide a fair representation of Mycenaean life?
- Focus question 4: Is pottery a useful primary source?
- Skill: Organising an inquiry

2 Studies of changing practices in society and government in the Greek world: Changes in Athenian government
- Background: Conditions in ancient Greece
- Background: Attica in the 7th century BC
- Focus question 1: Were Solons reforms the first steps towards democracy?
- Background: Attica in the 6th century BC
- Focus question 2: Was the constitution of Kleisthenes democratic?
- Focus question 3: How democratic was the Golden Age of Perikles?
- Focus question 3: What role did slavery play in the Athenian democracy?
- Skill: Referencing
- Skill: Developing a critical vocabulary

3 A study of conflict: Athenian Empire
- Background: Greece on the eve of the Persian Wars
- Background: Great battles of the Persians Wars
- Focus question 1: Was the organisation of the Delian League designed to serve all members equally?
- Focus question 2: How were members of the Delian League treated?
- Skill: Writing an essay in test conditions

4 Studies of the Arts: Greek architecture and sculpture
- Background: Excellence and order in the Greek world
- Background: Development of Doric temple architecture
- Focus question 1: Did the Parthenon builders seek excellence?
- Focus question 2: Was the Parthenon a symbol of Athenian pride?
- Focus question 3: Was sanctity more important than excellence in Greek temples?
- Focus question 4: What was the fatal flaw in the Doric Order?
- Focus question 5: Did sculptors try to perfect the human form?
- Skill: Preparing a multi-modal presentation

5 A Study of Everyday Life: Relationships in ancient Greece
- Focus question 1: Did the gods offer the Greeks security?
- Focus question 2: Was the afterlife a comfortable place?
- Focus question 3: Who was advantaged by marriage—husband or wife?
- Focus question 4: Was daily life more comfortable for other Greek women?
- Skill: Planning a historical research process


Robyn Bowman is currently Head of Department (Social Sciences) at James Nash State High School. She has worked for QSA in the History syllabus development, and has been co-author of several Nelson publications


Research Skills sections in each chapter

Comprehensive material on evaluating primary resources

Argument sections for each chapter

Primary and secondary sources (both literary and artefact) made sensible by clear text

Chapters focused on particular topics

The sources featured are translations, rather than used adaptations and precis versions from secondary textbooks

Each chapter includes focus questions that cover syllabus inquiry topics

Each chapter covers a key skill of - organising an inquiry, developing a critical vocabulary, writing an essay in test conditions, preparing a multi-modal presentation and planning a historical research process


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By | ISBN-13: 9780170134620
Ancient Rome for Senior Students is a topic book suited to students of Senior Ancient History in Queensland. It provides detailed studies on five themes from the syllabus.
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