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AS Chemistry: Inorganic & Physical Chemistry (II): Applicatications of Core Concepts

By | Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780340974667

These teacher resource packs contain new material that gives teachers alternative activities to help in their teaching of AS chemistry. The pack has been developed for the new specifications for teaching from autumn 2008 and the suggested teaching order is tailored to the new specifications.
• Dramatically cut your preparation time
• Provide teaching schemes which have been proven to work
• Offer complete flexibility, as teaching plans are self-contained
• Provide homework and additional tasks for students
• Provide a solution to staff absence


Topic 1 Molecular shapes and polar bonds
Topic 2 Intermolecular forces
Topic 3 Structures, physical properties and periodicity
Topic 4 Redox and the periodic table
Topic 5 Rates and equilibria