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Biology Workbook NCEA Level 2, Third edition - 9780170372855
152 Pages

Biology Workbook NCEA Level 2, Third edition

By | Copyright Year:2016 | ISBN-13: 9780170372855

Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students, this fully revised edition covers all eight achievement standards in NCEA Level 2 Biology.


• 2.1 Practical Investigation
1 Guidelines
2 Case studies
NCEA information

• 2.2 Analysing Information
1 Guidelines
2 Fluoridation
NCEA information

• 2.3 Plant and Animal Adaptations
1 Background
2 Gas exchange
NCEA information

• 2.4 Cell Biology
1 Inside cells
2 Size and scale
3 Transport and enzymes
4 DNA and cell division
5 Specialised cells
NCEA information
NCEA-type questions

• 2.5 Genetic Variation and Change
1 Source of variation
2 Meiosis
3 Monohybrid inheritance
4 Dihybrid inheritance
5 Changes in allele frequency
NCEA information
NCEA-type questions

• 2.6 Ecology
1 Communities
2 Sampling methods
NCEA information

• 2.7 Gene expression
1 Protein chemistry
2 Assembling proteins
3 Gene mutations
4 Pathways; environment
NCEA information
NCEA-type questions

• Microscope Skills
1 Microscope types and uses
2 Slides and drawings
NCEA information



Clear presentation, up-to-date material.

Sections for external standards totally rewritten; internal standards revised.

Language highly accessible to the average student.

Differentiation: separate boxes provided for Excellence candidates.

Abundant new activities and self-checks covering A M E.

Additional NCEA-type exam questions for external standards with scaffold answers supplied.

Answers at back of book.

Full-colour throughout, with abundant drawings and photographs.


By | ISBN-13: 9780170373654
This full colour resource features complete answers overlaid on the actual pages of the Biology Level 2 Workbook. Plus: • Data Projection Resources • Experiment Guidelines • NCEA information • Glossary The Biology Level 2 Workbook provides NCEA style questions which enable students to establish a firmer foundation to their knowledge and application of biology concepts before leading them onto more complex challenges. The workbook can be used independently, or alongside Excellence in Biology NCEA Level 2.
$72.68 Available