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Biology Workbook NCEA Level 3

By | Copyright Year:2015 | ISBN-13: 9780170355582

This workbook meets the needs of students doing NCEA Biology at level 3. All seven standards are covered in detail, each consisting of several units.
Every unit has a group of review activities under the heading ‘Check your understanding’, with an overall total of 260 questions. Answers are provided at the back of this book.


3.1 Practical investigation
1 Practical investigation
2 Graphs and statistics
3.2 Socio-scientific issue
1 Guidelines
2 Case studies
3.3 Plant and animal responses
1 Biological clocks
2 Seasonal behaviour and photoperiodism
3 Animals: finding the way
4 Plants, orientation, tropisms
5 Competition and cooperation
6 Exploitation: predation, parasitism
7 Breeding behaviour
Exam-type questions
3.4 Internal environment control
1 Homeostasis basics
2 Temperature control
3 Blood pressure control
4 Water control
5 Blood glucose control
6 O2 and CO2 control
3.5 Evolutionary processes
1 Evolutionary basics
2 Genes in populations
3 New species
4 Patterns in evolution
Exam-type questions
3.6 Human evolution
1 Primates, rocks, dates
2 Hominin beginnings
3 The first hominins
4 First stone tools, first fire
5 Neanderthals, Denisovans, and more
6 The first modern humans
7 The spread of Homo sapiens
8 Neolithic revolutions
Exam-type questions
3.7 Gene manipulation
1 Selective breeding
2 Cloning
3 GMO technologies
4 GMO crops: examples and implications


Substantially updated and expanded to cover all seven Level 3 biology standards

A stand-alone resource with plenty of factual material for A M and E

Abundant activities for student write-in opportunities

Selected answers supplied in back of the book

External standard units have many NCEA-type questions; answers in Teachers’ CD

Scaffolding provided for many questions and part-answers

Differentiation: many boxed sections with material aimed at Excellence candidates

NCEA requirements included for every standard

Quality illustrations, full colour throughout

Over 250 pages; excellent value for price


By | ISBN-13: 9780170365949
This full colour resource features complete answers overlaid on the actual pages of the NCEA Level 3 Biology Workbook.
$72.68 Available