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Catholic Christianity Revision Guide

By | Copyright Year:2010 | ISBN-13: 9780340975558

This third edition of the bestselling Catholic Christianity for Edexcel Revision Guide has been fully revised and includes bite-size summaries of key contents to help students consolidate their knowledge and understanding.

This third edition is accompanied by new editions of the Student's Book and Teacher's Resource Pack, plus a new Foundation Edition to accompany the Student's Book and a Dynamic Learning CD-ROM.



Unit 3 Religion and life based on a study of Roman Catholic Christianity
Section 3.1 Believing in God
Section 3.2 Matters Of life and death
Section 3.3 Marriage And The Family
Section 3.4 Religion and community cohesion

Unit 10 Roman Catholic Christianity
Section 10.1 Beliefs and values
Section 10.2 Community and tradition
Section 10.3 Worship and celebration
Section 10.4 Living the Christian life

Appendix 1
Marking scheme for section tests
How to improve section test performance

Appendix 2
How to deal with the exam paper


Victor Watton is a experienced author and examiner of GCSE Religious Studies

Diane Kolka is a practising teaching of religious education, and experiences author of a number of religious education books for both pupils and teachers. She is a senior examiner for a major awarding body.


a breakdown of the key elements of the course content

sample examination questions and accompanying exemplar answers

advice on how to answer exam questions and prepare for the exam

tips on what the examiner is looking for.