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Clothes: Then and Now - 9780170126557
Levelled Text
24 Pages

Clothes: Then and Now

By | Copyright Year:2007 | ISBN-13: 9780170126557

People have been wearing clothes for many thousands of years, but the clothes people wore long ago are very different from the clothes people wear today...


Researched, trialled and evaluated by The University of Melbourne.

Trialled with ESL students, students with learning difficulties and students who are disengaged

Books are at students? interest level as well as their reading level

High-interest, low readability content relevant to the themes and topics being studied in the classroom.

Finely graded from Level 6 to 25 to support reading development.

Books look age appropriate in terms of design and size.

A range of text types and genres modelling the different social purposes of text and the ways it can be presented.

Supportive activities related to specific areas of need.

Consistent structure and routine-based program.

Books that emphasise visual literacy.

Audio support to model fluent reading.

Can be used as a withdrawal program, a totally individual program or in groups within a class.


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