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Complete Close Reading Book 1 Teacher Answer Book - 9780170133074
92 Pages

Complete Close Reading Book 1 Teacher Answer Book

By | Copyright Year:2007 | ISBN-13: 9780170133074

Developing essential comprehensive skills Complete Close Reading is a course for New Zealand junior secondary students to help develop and practice the vitally important skills of reading with comprehension and responding to written texts. Each of the 34 units is divided into five sections and the questions are designed to help students respond to texts on many levels.


Unit 1: The Deputy Principal
Narrative: Crossfire
Unit 2: To Castle Dracula
Journal or diary: Dracula
Unit 3: School Camp
Recount: Camp Scorcher
Unit 4: Job Hunting
Business letter: I wish to apply for the position
Unit 5: 'Prisoner' to 'Prize'
Dictionary: Pocket Oxford Dictionary
Unit 6: Starr cross'd lovers
Script: Romeo and Juliet
Unit 7: In the Science Lab
Procedure: Experiment 6.1
Unit 8: Light and Mirrors
Explanation: Mirror, mirror on the wall
Unit 9: Out in Space
Narrative: Rocket Ship Galileo
Unit 10: It's a 'Bad' Thing
Thesaurus excerpt: Oxford Student's Thesaurus
Unit 11: Which Book?
Book review: The Summer Book Guide
Unit 12: At the truck stop
Description: A Bridge to Wiseman's Cove
Unit 13: Stand clear
Poem: Death of a Tree
Unit 14: Knights on horseback
Historical report: Becoming a Knight
Unit 15: Sailing the World
Map: Jesse's Voyage
Unit 16: Graphic Information
Pictograph: Transportation and the atmosphere
Unit 17: Acid Rain
Explanation-geography: Kicking the coal habit
Unit 18: Harry's family
Narrative: The Mirror of Erised
Unit 19 Promises, promises
Advertisement: Thursday Plantation acne treatment products
Unit 20: Energy and the World
Argument: The quest for clean energy
Unit 21: Heads you win
Procedure/Instructions: Two-up
Unit 22 Animal rights
Discussion: Equal rights for animals?
Unit 23 Read all about it
Cartoon: Sheilas
Unit 24: Chocaholics
Newspaper article: Boutique industry creams the crop as chocaholics flock
Unit 25: Pop Psychology
Magazine Article: The true you
Unit 26: Working all day
Timetable: School timetable
Unit 27: Going it alone
Narrative: Lionheart
Unit 28: Jet Careers
Interview: Bang on
Unit 29: Rating the movies
Response: Rabbit Proof Fence
Unit 30: From the Director
Recount: Phillip Noyce - Rabbit Proof Fence Director
Unit 31: An Unhappy Customer
Letter of complaint: Jetsons Scooter Company
Unit 32: Tickle the taste buds
Menu: Round-the-world dinner party
Unit 33: Cooking for friends
Instructions: Fried Rice
Unit 34: The root of all evil!
Record Sheets- blackline masters


Concise descriptions of the purpose, structure and features of text types

excellent models of a wide range of text types, including narratives, recounts, letters, film and book reviews, historical reports, advertisements, cartoons and poetry

real-life and cross-curricular literacy links

'open-ended' activities to encourage research and composition of a range of texts

optional assessment to test and score levels of comprehension

a student assessment record sheet to record and moniter individual improvement is available.