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Contested Spaces: Conflict in the Pacific 1937-1951 - 9780170197960
220 Pages

Contested Spaces: Conflict in the Pacific 1937-1951

By | Copyright Year:2006 | ISBN-13: 9780170197960

This text has been written for the Stage 6 Modern History syllabus in NSW but the content will appeal to senior history students throughout Australia, studying the topic of the Pacific War. The text explains the key features and historiographical issues relating to this conflict. Extensive use has been made of primary source material, with review questions, research topics, essay questions and Internet sites included. This text will be a valuable resource to any student wishing to explore the major issues surrounding the War in the Pacific. This revised edition includes detailed profiles on Emperor Hirohito and Douglas MacArthur to address the new personality section of the revised NSW Stage 6 Modern History syllabus.


Chapter One: To 1919
Chapter Two: 1919 to 1941
Chapter Three: Pearl Harbor
Chapter Four: After Pearl Harbour? The Rising Sun
Chapter Five: The effects of war on civilians and prisoners of war
Chapter Six: The home fronts in the Pacific War
Chapter Seven: The Sun Sets
Chapter Eight: Dropping the bomb
Chapter Nine: The occupation of Japan
Chapter Ten: De-colonisation in S.E. Asia 1942-1949


John Cantwell is Deputy Head of Senior School at Haileybury College. He is a very experienced and well respected author who’s been an active participant in the history community for more than two decades, authoring and contributing to a range of student books from Junior to Senior level. John has also authored various publications for history associations around Australia and has been an active presence at history conferences and in teacher professional development for many years.


HSC-style questions at the end of each chapter to help with revision

Extensive variety of primary and secondary source material to develop analytical and interpretive skills

Broad range of documents and case studies to stimulate students' empathy and develop their understanding of the topic

Timelines, terms and concepts, and summaries included in each chapter to help consolidate learning.


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