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Contested Spaces: The Cold War - 9780170197922
160 Pages

Contested Spaces: The Cold War

By | Copyright Year:2005 | ISBN-13: 9780170197922

This text is written to address the issues arising from the Cold War and the historical period of 1945-1991. Major issues and personalities are addressed, within the requirements of the New South Wales Stage 6 Modern History syllabus, including an extended section on Mikhail Gorbachev for those students studying him in the new personality section of the syllabus.


Chapter One:
Origins of The Cold War 1945-1953

Chapter Two:
Development of The Cold War 1953-1968

Chapter Three:
The Emergence and Decline of Detente 1968-1979

Chapter Four:
Renewal and End of the Cold War 1980-1991


HSC-style questions at the end of each chapter to help with revision

Extensive variety of primary and secondary source material to develop analytical and interpretive skills

Broad range of documents and case studies to stimulate students' empathy and develop their understanding of the topic

Timelines, terms and concepts, and summaries included in each chapter to help consolidate learning.


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