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By | Copyright Year:2016 | ISBN-13: 9780170368117

Diversity examines how and why Aotearoa New Zealand has become a fusion of indigenous, settler and immigrant populations, how this increasing cultural diversity has contributed to how we see the world and our place in it and the cultural identity of others, how and why culture is developed and maintained, how communities have clashed at various times in New Zealand’s history when their identity has been challenged, how people express their cultural identity in a rapidly changing society, and the change and challenges shaping New Zealand’s superdiversity in the future.
The wide-range of activities in Diversity are knowledge, skill and inquiry based and are designed to be accessible for all learners. The activities explore different cultural perspectives, beliefs and values by getting learners to make informed decisions on what it means to belong to a culturally diverse society, with the intention of increasing cultural understanding and tolerance. Chapter 7 provides learners with the opportunity to carry out an independent social inquiry on a significant cultural issue.
Diversity is a key text in any Social Studies course. It focuses on essential learning about New Zealand society and covers perspectives, processes, key competencies and principles of the New Zealand Curriculum. The book is mainly, though not exclusively, for use in Year 9 and 10 Social Studies.


Chapter 1: So how did we get here?
Chapter 2: And what is culture?
Chapter 3: Cultures collide
Chapter 4: Express yourself!
Chapter 5: Making Aotearoa cool
Chapter 6: Changes and challenges ahead
Chapter 7: Carrying out a Social Inquiry


Nicholas Fitness is the Head of Faculty Social Sciences at Woodford House. In 2016, whilst teaching in Auckland, he was awarded the Waiheke High School Board of Trustees Scholarship to travel to the Pacific and undertake research for this text. He travelled to museums, archives, historical sites, met local historians and carried out interviews.