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Dog Day!

By | Copyright Year:2016 | ISBN-13: 9780170369077

It’s the annual Dog Day Walk at the park, and Mum, Dad, Joe and Kayla are excited to take part with their new dog, Rusty. But Rusty wants to do everything but walk!
Will the family be able to keep their new dog under control?


PM Emerald levelled books and Guided Reading Card Box Set provide teachers with the confidence of meticulous PM levelling for accurately paced literacy skill development

The series provides liberal, inferential and applied knowledge questions in each book and on each card

Exemplary fiction and non-fiction texts are included in the series for reading breadth

Representations of all the standard text types are explored, as well as plays

Books and Cards in this set have a contemporary design and age-appropriate content to engage students

Includes resources to support implementation of the Australian Curriculum.